Frequenty Asked Questions

Where  do I Start?

Memorializing a loved one and planning a funeral or memorial service  at a time when you are experiencing deep emotions and grief can be a daunting  task.     Spend a quiet, discerning  moment  compiling a list of people (both friends and relatives) who have  the talents and skills  you need to assist with the tasks ahead of you.   Select the person(s) whom you trust most to help you organize and think through the process of planning a final tribute to your loved one.     One of the most important  steps in planning  the service is the funeral program.   Obituaries Tomorrow powered by Compubase was created to assist you with the creation of the most important  keepsake,  often the final written tribute to your loved one;  produced and  designed by you and your family collaboratively in the comfort of your home(s) all across the world via the World Wide Web!

We invite you to view samples of our customized Obituaries and templates.   Add your images and  replace the sample text.   Personalizing  the template is fast and friendly.  No experience required!  

Important Steps to get you started

  1. Get Organized !  Start by making a list of things to do.
  2. Don’t  hesitate to ask for help!  If  you are in-charge,  allow friends and family to help;  especially because you are emotionally charged.   This is a good time to delegate tasks that you find difficult under the best of circumstances.   While mourning  and grieving a loved one, now is not the time to learn how to use the computer or down load pictures from your new smart-phone !
  3. Identify the most competent helpersbased on their talents, skills, and reputation for time sensitive follow-through.
    1.  Who in your Family circle is the best Technical person,  the family geek ! The Computer wizard!  If that’s not you – ASK FOR HELP!
    2.  Who is the best writer?  The English major or the college professor !  Put them on Notice to proof-read the final draft of every written word to be published.  
    3. Who is the family photographer who has all of the family photos both scanable prints and digital images.  Dig out those old photos immediately!  Don’t squander the opportunity to find those images that tell the story.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  
  4. Did the deceased leave any instructions ?   Carrying out the last wishes of a loved one can be emotionally very satisfying.  Give consideration to what request are practical and most comfortable.
  5.  Pause and think about your loved one.  Who was S/he?  How would other people have described him/her.  Was s/he socially active or was s/he known for his/her devotion to family and friends?  What  interest him/her most?  Thinking through these things will help you to choose a template that will help you to plan a service that best fits the personality of your loved one.
  6. When is the  service held?  A funeral will be held within days of the death of your loved one. So getting started on planning your printed program is very important.  A memorial service has more flexibility and can be delayed.  Either way it is important that you get organized so you can represent your loved one in the most fitting tribute.  After you design the template, you must allow time for print and delivery.  If you  start planning the program immediately, it will evolve to a keepsake you will cherish for years to come.
  7. Was Music important to your Loved One?  Most services utilize music as a part of the program.  If your loved one was particularly known for their love of music, you might want to have special music included in a musical or video tribute.  Start by making a list of the special music you might want to utilize during the service and distribute as a special keepsake at the end of the service.   Combining images and music is often shared at memorial services during a video presentation. Don’t hesitate to call us. We can help you to create your personalized musical and video tributes.
  8. A questionnaire to get you started.  Answers to the right questions are important.  Fill out the questionnaire so you have all the answers handy once you’ve selected your favorite template.

Other Helpful Reminders 

  • Delegate someone to Answer the telephone and provide information on the funeral or memorial service.
  • Decide if you are comfortable utilizing social media such as Facebook to get the word out about the location and date of the service.  It helps get the notice out without having one specific person assigned to make numerous phone calls.
  • Email is a great way to share with distant relatives regarding the death or passing. You may also want to send them a funeral or memorial program.  With Obituaries Tomorrow powered by Compubase  you may have the option to publish a link and share the digital program on line.
  • Keep track of the senders of flowers and donations so you send out thank you notes.  You can order matching thank you cards with the same image as your program cover.
  • Arrange for flowers or other decorations at the funeral home, church, or other funeral location.  Utilize matching  Poster sized images of the Program Cover and place your order on line at the same time with Obituaries Tomorrow powered by Compubase. 
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