Do I need an appointment to visit the office?
Yes, we do require appointments. However, we do offer emergency services in which additional fees will apply accordingly.
What’s the difference in paper stock?
100text is our standard weight. It is a lighter weight of paper. 81# Cover Is a scored covertock.
What is your turn around time?
24-48 hours, not including weekends. Orders are processed Monday-Friday. Please see this in mind is you need your order shipped.
Why won’t my photos show (gray box)?
The photo is corrupt. This usually happens when pictures are taken from social media or screenshots. You need to open the image and resave as a different type of file.
Can I see a printed proof prior to completing my order?
Yes, There is a $20 charge which can be added to your account. An email must be sent from my project along with contact information. A team member will notify you when the proof is available for pick up. Proofs must be submitted prior to submitting your order. Once the proof is picked up, you can make any additional changes if need be and then submit your order. Any additional changes after your order is submitted is an additional $50 charge if caught before the order is put into production.
Can my order be shipped?
Yes, Different shipping options and prices are available during the checkout process. Please keep in mind the 24-48 hours timeframe for order processing in addition to the shipping option you select.
Why is my card being declined?
The billing information entered MUST match the information on the credit card being used. The order will not process if it does not.
Can I pay for my order in the office?
No, If your order is being completed online, it must be paid for on the website.
What are your office hours?
Mon-Fri 9am - 5:30pm. Tech support is available seven days a week.
Error message popping up that says information is missing? (Some of your text is not visible. You will be missing text in your final output).
You should see a red plus sign in the bottom right corner of the text box. This means there is either extra spacing or extra verbiage in the box. You can enlarge the box and either delete the extra spacing or extra text. refer to this video
How to receive $19.99 thank you cards?
The coupon code is valid for existing orders. Send your email to your request to info@obitauriestomorrow.com along with your order number requesting the coupon code. (If you are doing programs as well, submit the order for the program first and then send email with your order number requesting the coupon code for thank you cards). The code is valid for only 50 thank you cards. Any additional thank you cards will need to be placed as a new order. Create coupon code for 10% off first time customer orders

Compile all necessary information for your program. We allot 1 hour per appointment. Please be prepared when you arrive. Have all information typed (either email the file or save on flash drive) and have all of your photos together.

Calling tech support
- Please call when you are in front of your computer and logged in
- Have all information typed
- Have all of your photos in one folder

How to add a photo without having a Red Image Box on a page?

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